About Us

Our story

AMD International (AMDI) is a UK based corporate consulting and training company which provides one of the most comprehensive suites of consulting and training services in all areas of organisational systems, talent development and growth. Our overall aim is to help you rethink your business processes, sys- tems and internal talent capacity to enable you develop systematic and proactive approaches for your operational continuity and growth. 

AMDI’s range of consulting and training solutions drive transformational changes to individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs and organisations allowing them to rise above limiting paradigms, grow in confidence and gain the knowledge needed to maximise their success potential. We work with companies as smart partnership in providing hands-on solutions that make their present operational challenges manageable and help them achieve a fuller and better constructed future.

Our Mission

“To bring success to our clients, continuously contribute towards enhancing their corporate value, deliver results through creativity and innovation; and effective partner- ship”.


Our objectives are four-dimensional AMDI

  • Ambition – Align the ambitions of the individuals to those of their organisations
  • Motivation – Motivate and inspire people to work to their highest capability levels
  • Development – Develop and equip business leaders, management, teams and organisations with skills and tools to deal with the demands of a dynamic business environment
  • Innovation – Innovative, flexible and practical solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients

Our commitment to you

  • Understand your business, its systems and development needs
  • Develop initiatives and deliver high impact interventions
  • Track and measure your continuous improvement and sustainability


We believe in a comprehensive approach – becoming part of our client’s business and knowing as much about their operations and challenges as possible. Our real-world style of delivery for both consultancy and training services provides business assurance helping our clients to;

  • Develop the capability and competence to deliver on the promises they make, enhancing their reputation, creating confidence in their capabilities, helping them to substantiate claims and differentiate themselves
  • See the tangible benefits of the value of their management systems, linking these benefits to financial performance or improvements in effectiveness and efficiency
  • Develop their internal knowledge and skills capacity making them capable of easily adapting to dynamic changes and responding to market opportunities
  • Develop their capability to manage a range of non-financial risks


At AMD International, we are aware of the challenges you face as an organisation and our combined consultancy services and training solutions ensure that the management systems that you use and your internal talent capacity meet intended objectives, improve competitiveness, control risks and help you deliver on your commitments. We hold as a core value the application of relevant, effective and sustainable practical solutions to the challenges you face.

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